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Hi there!

I'm Saya- a yogi, a skier, a cat lover, and an adventure seeker. I was born and raised in the suburbs of New York. I went to college in Japan and lived there for a total of eight years. While in Asia, I traveled around and fell in love with yoga in Thailand. I am currently on the path to receiving my first 200-hour certification!

I truly connected with yoga during a difficult time in my life and with the help of my therapist, I was able to transform my life in a way I never imagined possible. I have gone from an insecure girl with identity issues to a confident and centered woman. Stronger, tougher, more seasoned (yes, I LOVED Scandal. Watched it at least ten times lol).

Let's connect and grow together!


About Sunrita

Sunrita is a Sanskrit word that means "true and pleasant, kind and sincere."

I chose this word because it is exactly the kind of yoga I wish to practice and share. During my transformation journey, I have learned and allowed myself to always be true and kind to myself. To love myself, just the way I am.

I also believe in compassion for others. As the oldest child, I have always been the responsible one. As a highly sensitive person, I stand in the other person's shoes before opening my mouth. As a caregiver, I find joy in helping somebody in need.

Be real and kind to yourself, to others, and to your surroundings, and happiness will come to you. 

The Logo

The beautiful bluebell flowers symbolize "humility" and something that is "unchanging."

As yogis, we believe that the truth does not change. Unchanging reality. Purusha. When we realize what is real and what is not, we are able to achieve a calm state of happiness.

Humility is a trait I inherited from my Japanese side. Even when we are proud, we don't always say it out loud. We are humble, or "kenkyo." Sometimes it's easy to drown in our own pride, especially when ego gets in the way, but I try my best to stay neutral and calm.

Humility is linked to kindness towards others. And by staying true to our hearts, we connect with our true self, which is unchanging. 

The circular shape that the stem of the bluebells makes symbolize the sun and moon, which are represented by the ha and tha energies of hatha yoga.

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